Living The Sweet Life: Last Love Letter

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Love Letter

The perfect gift. (2010)
Spencer used the word "Love" fifteen times.

I remember when Taylor (my oldest) was just a little boy and would bring me a bouquet of dandelions home after school.  One day I realized that, there hadn't been a bouquet in a long long time.  My thought was, "Wow if I had known that last bouquet would be my last, I would have enjoyed it more."

Because "my boys" are ten years apart, I was thrilled when Spencer showed up one day after school with a hand full of dandelions.  It's such a sweet, sweet gesture, that little kids (especially little boys) do for their Mom.  But I knew that one day it would stop.  So I was savored every little dandelion that came my way - every time.

I'm getting that same feeling with the love letters.  I've loved getting all sorts of little notes from my boys, but as they get older I know they too will stop.  So this one from Spencer is especially sweet, I can still see the little boy who gave me dandelions in this one, but I know what's coming.

Part of being a Mom to boys is teaching them to be sweet, while you are, the only woman in their life.  Taylor gave me a Valentines card a few years back that said, "You were my first Valentine".  I loved it, and in reading those words I could see the proud little boy with a fist full of dandelions.

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