Living The Sweet Life: 6/1/11 - 7/1/11

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Love Letter

The perfect gift. (2010)
Spencer used the word "Love" fifteen times.

I remember when Taylor (my oldest) was just a little boy and would bring me a bouquet of dandelions home after school.  One day I realized that, there hadn't been a bouquet in a long long time.  My thought was, "Wow if I had known that last bouquet would be my last, I would have enjoyed it more."

Because "my boys" are ten years apart, I was thrilled when Spencer showed up one day after school with a hand full of dandelions.  It's such a sweet, sweet gesture, that little kids (especially little boys) do for their Mom.  But I knew that one day it would stop.  So I was savored every little dandelion that came my way - every time.

I'm getting that same feeling with the love letters.  I've loved getting all sorts of little notes from my boys, but as they get older I know they too will stop.  So this one from Spencer is especially sweet, I can still see the little boy who gave me dandelions in this one, but I know what's coming.

Part of being a Mom to boys is teaching them to be sweet, while you are, the only woman in their life.  Taylor gave me a Valentines card a few years back that said, "You were my first Valentine".  I loved it, and in reading those words I could see the proud little boy with a fist full of dandelions.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Button Sugar Cookies

Sewing themed sugar cookies, this is right up my alley.  Since I've learned how to make cookie cutters I've really been into making sugar cookies.  Spencer had a project for Math class on "PI", so we decided to make sugar cookies in that shape, outline them, and then "flood" them with green icing.  They turned out super cute.

Here's Spencer "flooding" his cookies.
Just for the record he got 90% on the project.
So needless to say I've been spending a fair amount of time searching the internet for cute sugar cookies.

I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw these!
Button Sugar Cookies - I can't wait to make them!

I found them over at the Sugar & Meringue Blog.
Emily even has the cards to print out and sew the cookies onto.
Thank-you Emily for sharing such a great idea.