Living The Sweet Life: Easter Cupcakes

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

This is my dream costume the Cupcake Pin Up Girl. It wouldn't even have to be Halloween, it's just so so cute!  These days all I'm thinking about is cupcakes and Easter.  Yellow cupcakes with a nest and three little speckled eggs tucked inside to be precise. I came across some really cute ideas of cupcakes that I wanted to share, and keep a record of for future baking.  Future as in, the next couple of days.  Whatever I decide to do I'll post some pictures for you to see as soon as they're done.

These get me excited!

Adorable, just like outside the Mad Hatter's House at Disneyland.


So simple, but so pretty, and lots of icing.

I saved the best for last, the perfect Easter cupcake.
I decided this would b e the perfect time to show you my new cupcake fabic.

I have absolutely no idea what I'll do with it.

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