Living The Sweet Life: Sushi Cupcakes

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sushi Cupcakes

I never get tired talking about cupcakes.  I've been wanting to make these "sushi cupcakes" for ages.  Taylor turns 25 this year and he loves sushi so this was my chance.  Getting the stuff together was the biggest part of the project but it was really fun.

Here's all the stuff I bought to go on top.  You can design the cupcakes decoration around your favourite rolls and then find candy that you think will resemble the real thing.  I didn't end up using the green watermelons.  Also keep your eyes peeled for black cupcake liners - they are a must.

Cut the round part of the cupcake off.  Cut the candy up if necessary.  You'll see I have a bowl full of coconut in the background, it's going to be the rice.  All you do is ice the cupcake, turn it upside down and catch coconut around the outside edge.  I don't pick up coconut in the very center, so that the candy will stick to the icing.  I used tweezers to get the little orange balls into place, but they look awesome.

They were so so good.

Ok, so these are made from icing dusted mini donuts.  You just cut the donut in half - carefully, I used a steak knife.  Cut just a little sliver off of the top, so that the Swedish Fish will lay flat.  Then I cut flat black licorice into strips (ok, Spencer cut the strips), then you just wrap the strips around and overlap on the bottom  I used a dab of water to stick the two ends together.

They're so so SO cute.

The birthday boy and his sushi.

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