Living The Sweet Life: Won Ton Soup

Monday, June 21, 2010

Won Ton Soup

I've been making Won Ton Soup for ages - I thought everyone did. My girlfriend was curious to know how you wrap the won tons, so I thought I would just do a quickie video and recipe so she can whip a batch up!  This is going to be like a recipe you might get from your Grandma, because I don't have the exact amounts.

The Broth:

I used to boil chicken backs and necks and whatever other chicken guts were on hand for a day in water.  You would then drain it and get all the guts out and put it in the fridge overnight and skim off the fat the next day, and that was your broth.  Or you can buy four 1 liter cartons of chicken broth - regular or fat free it doesn't matter, because your going to spruce it up anyways.  Put your broth in a pot, and add soy sauce I would say about 1/4 cup.  Remember soy sauce is salty, so just add it bit by bit until you like the taste.  I also add some salt and pepper to taste.  Have this on the stove ready to heat up when the won tons are done.

You will also need two bunches of green onions chopped and ready to add to the soup last.

For the Won Tons:

Won Ton Wraps - they usually come in a two pack and can be frozen.
1 Pound Ground Pork
2 Eggs
Salt and Pepper
1 Can Sliced Water Chestnuts
3 green onions - finely chopped


1.  Crack the eggs and put the egg whites in a bowl. (read next step)  Mix the egg whites together until frothy with a fork.
2.  Put the ground pork in a bowl, add one egg yolk.  Add the other to the garbage.
3.  Add the finely chopped green onions.
4.  Add about 1/8 cup finely chopped water chestnuts - freeze the rest.
5.  Add about 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/4 tsp of pepper.
6.  Mix it all up.

Here is the video on how to wrap the won tons - we ran out of battery on the third won ton but I think you can get the idea...

Once the won tons are all done, bring the broth to a boil, then reduce it so it's not bubbling but it's hot.  Gently drop the won tons in one by one.  When the hit the water, the egg white acts like glue and holds it shut.  You don't want to drop them into bubbling boiling water and have them blow apart!  Let them cook slowing until they shrivel up and float.  Don't stir them excessively - they're delicate.

Once these are cooked you can add the green onions that you had cut and set aside.  This part is done, put a lid on and let them sit while you do the vegetables.

You can also add prawns and/or scallops to the broth right about now and they would be cooked when the vegetables are done.

If you want Won Ton with noodles in the bottom of your soup - buy a bag of Won Ton Noodles (that's what they're called)  from the store, they're rice noodles and look just like spaghetti.  Spencer likes noodles in his soup so now is the time to cook them up.  They only take about four minutes.

The Vegetables:

You can have whatever vegetable you like in this soup.  We do baby corn, bock choy, broccoli and sliced carrots.  I used to add these to the won ton but pot they get over cooked and messy for the next day.  Now, I just steam them as shown and add them to the hot soup.

You know what my Julia would say!
Bon Appetit


  1. How do you determine what you wear in your videos? hehe!

    That soup looks sooo yummy! I love the bowl too! Josie swears by Western Family Organic Low Sodium chicken broth from Save-On. She says there is no funny aftertaste that you can sometimes get from other broths.

    Rather than whipping up a batch myself ... I think I'll just come over the next time you are making some!

    Thanks for the demo, Debra. You are forever 'The Teacher' and a great source of Inspiration to everyone!

  2. I do most of my fun cooking on the weekend when "the spirit" moves me, so it's usually casual wear - it could be my stretchy yoga pants to a nightie!

    You are certainly welcome to join us the next time I make the soup!

    Thanks for the kind words! I love to teach, that's what I do!

  3. ... And here I was expecting the pin-up attire in your video! hehe

    Thanks for this demo. Sean has had some ground pork in his freezer since we moved and I haven't known what on earth to do with it. This will make for a fun project with the kiddielinks!

    You have just a great voice on camera... unlike my mom and I! haha

    xo K

  4. Hi Kyla
    I'm glad you'll try the soup - it's actually fast and easy once you've done it once. I don't usually wear just an apron for my won ton wrapping but you could try it - I think your Kyle would love it!
    Deb :)