Living The Sweet Life: Make Thai Salad Rolls At Home

Friday, February 5, 2010

Make Thai Salad Rolls At Home

We love Thai Salad Rolls and could eat them every night.  That's what we decided just a few nights ago.  The best part is at home you can eat as many as you want.  At the restaurant they usually come two to an order.  I made it my mission to find the ingredients and learn to make them at home.  I will make something over and over again until I perfect it - these were no exception.
So here's the ingredients all ready to go.  From back to front, left to right. Round rice paper wraps, lettuce chopped fine, prawns sliced in half, cucumber sliced thin, chicken or pork cooked and sliced, the package of the noodles, a bowl of noodles cooked according to the package instructions, bean sprouts, shaved carrots, and mint clipped into small pieces.

Tip:  You can get the rice paper wraps and noodles in the Asian isle of your supermarket.  I like the brand of noodles shown because there are six bundles inside instead of one big lump.  I cook two bundles and that's the perfect amount for about twelve rolls.

Another Tip:  Put warm water in a shallow pan and wet one side of the rice paper, for about 30 seconds then flip it over and wet the other side.  It gets softer as it sits and you pile the stuff on, so don't over wet it.  When you do one or two you'll get the hang of it.

Spencer made this video of me making a roll so you can see how easy it is to roll up.  You can see the ingredients are added in the same order as the picture is shown above.  I wash my hands after handling all the ingredients just before I roll it up.  The rice paper will get a little dry so when you roll and fold the sides in they will stick in place.

Good job on the video Spencer!

Here they are cut in half, on an angle with a bowl of peanut sauce.  These are very low in calories until you dip them in the peanut sauce.  Our favorite peanut sauce is from Super Store.  It's the President's Choice brand and it's called Szechwan Spicy Peanut Sauce - we get the light version. 


  1. Hi Debra.
    I took one of your classes years ago when there was a sewing expo in Halifax Nova Scotia, I still watch the video (yes it is in VHS) and it reminds me of technics I have forgotten or have a fuzzy memory about.
    I now have a grand daughter to sew for as well as three grandsons, (My kids landed them all along within 2 1/2 years)
    I have been receiving your email for your products and actually clicked on the latest "flyer" and this site came up, I have to say I love this blog. I love the sassy ladies and your posts.
    I have started to blog but mostly because I need to get writing again but My blogspot still scares me to experiment with. So I shall drop by to visit again now that I found your blog. It has been a delight to read tonight, thanks.
    Iris Linkletter.

  2. Great video, you two!

    Move over Ina!