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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The Dress" Workout

Last October I set out the new fitness plan.I was thinking oh my god look what I ate this summer and oh my god Christmas is coming. I need to get back into a healthy routine again.

1.) Eat healthy and count calories - 1500 a day.

2.) Get back into yoga, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

3.) Run (30 minutes) and weight train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tanya jumped on board and we were off.  October went as planned and so did the first part of November.  But, everything changed when Tanya bought "the Christmas dress".  The dress was a little tight in the bottom and a little big on the top - the same old story.  The plan was to take in the top and work off the bottom. 

That's when the new plan came into effect 6 days a week. 

1.) Yoga to warm up before #2

2.) Cardio - run or elliptical each day (alternate so we don't fall apart)

3.) Weight train each day, running laps between sets to keep the heart rate up

4.) Eat protein and vegetables - no white stuff, like rice, potatoes and white bread.  Fat and alcohol were out of the question.  Oatmeal and other healthy carbs in low amounts were ok, to keep us alive.

Tips:  There is no shame in eating tuna  and green beans straight from the can.  We also discovered carrots don't go bad in your purse after a few days.  When the girls at work are eating Christmas chocolates - crunch on carrots!  I always loved yoga but we really got into it each morning.  As it turns out yoga before running was awesome and has helped us out with our knee and hip problems that come and go when your a runner.

So, to say I'm exhausted after what we called "The Dress Workout" November through December would be an understatement.  I called it the "death workout" a few times - I am twenty years (+/-) older than Tanya so it was quite the marathon.  The big news is yes, she fit the dress and looked awesome.  Once we kicked into high gear - she lost 12 pounds since October and is still right on track.  We still have a bit of our booties but our boobs are pretty much gone. Tanya was pretty busty and was shocked as week by week they got smaller and smaller.   I think she puts stuffing in there now when she goes out because no amount of under wire is going to lift what's not there.

We sailed through and had a healthy Christmas but that's not to say we didn't get into the chocolate covered fortune cookies, shortbread and wine. So the new January (looking forward to summer) plan is the old sensible October plan - just with a little more yoga.  Like everyone we want to look and feel great for summer and time is on our side to just to eat healthy, exercise, and get into a good lifestyle groove.  Anyone who is healthy and fit works at it - it doesn't just happen on it's own.  You really do have to make it a lifestyle, and it changes at times, so you need to be able to adapt. 
I wanted to let you all know where I got some great yoga routines for my ipod.  If you go to itunes and search "yoga", scroll down until you see the "20 min yoga" podcasts, just click the subscribe button.  They have all sorts of routines to choose from and they're free - you can donate to help keep the poscast going.  You can also print out their pose guides, but the podcasts are really easy to follow on their own.  I'm actually breathing now while doing yoga instead of holding my breath!  Just plug your pod into speakers and you're ready to go.

The glorious pin up picture by the one and only Gil Elvgren

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  1. Cute blog!!! LOVE it and so True..
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