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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twinkle Lights

I love twinkle lights, especially the clear ones. You just can't have too many all year round. I overheard a lady in Starbucks yesterday say that she was afraid to take her Christmas tree out of the box and plug it in because the lights might not work. That thought had already crossed my mind about fifty times because it happens to me every year. It would probably help if I took the lights off each year rather than fold that tree up like an umbrella, lights and all and stuff it into the box. One little light loose, in one little socket, and it's all over.

As positive as my thoughts were that I was sending out to the universe for this light deal to go my way, I plugged that tree in, and the inevitable happened - no lights. I thought to myself in that instant, I want to kill the guy that invented these lights - I hope it's not one of my customer's husbands. As I was pulling the dead lights off the tree, planning my trip to Canadian Tire for more - that I knew wouldn't match, I thought I am going to search that guy out. My next thought was, in this day and age there must be some sort of technology to fix these lights - or some sort of breaker or warning system to alert us as to which of the 200 lights is the problem. It was an exercise in patience because there is no guy, and you won't find the just have to start over.

For my pussy willows outside my front door, I specifically bought twinkle lights that said the string would keep lit even if one bulb burnt out - I thought finally, yahoo it's about time. Yeah, well guess what - about 25 lights burnt out in a row. I haven't even attempted to fix the problem, every time I drive in I just think how pathetic they look. I'll buy more, I always do - and I'll hold out hope that somewhere, somehow, someone will figure a way to keep them lit.

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My pussy willows in all their glory or lack of it. What can I say? It's next on my list.

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  1. Great post! I live in the Toronto area and for the life of me I can't find twinkle lights. Is there a specific brand. I tried Canadian Tire but the ones I'm looking for are the transparent wire with the white bulbs.