Living The Sweet Life: Popcorn Garland Sewing Tips

Friday, December 11, 2009

Popcorn Garland Sewing Tips

This is the Christmas tree in our living room. It's theme is "Little Boy". Multi coloured lights, wooden and glass ornaments all in primary colours. The boys have gotten ornaments every year since they were little and especially love the glass ones like the Grinch. I get all the girly pink stuff out of my system on the other tree - this the main tree has always been for "the boys".

There is real popcorn strung on the tree. I used to string it every year but I figured out that if you put it into a large zip lock bag and pack it away carefully you can use it over. The secret of stringing popcorn is to pop it then let it get stale overnight in a paper bag, that way it won't split on the needle when you sew it. Also use a double strand of button hole twist, or a heavier thread, so it doesn't cut the corn. So there's your little sewing tip for the day - so get popping! Trust me once you've had a tree with popcorn garland, it's won't be the same without it. I love it and it is old fashioned so it's right up my alley. Of course I don't tell anyone I use it over and over, I let them think I'm so orgainzied that I sit there for three days in front of the fire listening to Christmas music and string.

Goofy from Taylor's first trip to Disneyland has been
on the top for 24 years.

On the mantel are more twinkle lights, but my
favourite are the little gingerbread guys. The nutcracker tradition started when I took Taylor (24) to the Nutcracker Ballet in Vancouver, he got his first one at intermission - you can see it above in red. He was only about five.

Isn't the gingerbread dude the cutest? I'm crossing my fingers that these guys never burn out because they have long bulbs in there that I've never seen before. That would be bad.

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