Living The Sweet Life: Mr Christie Chocolate Mint Log

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr Christie Chocolate Mint Log

Am I the last one to know about this wonderful dessert? The recipe is on the box of Mr. Christie's Chocolate cookies. There is also a version of it over at Martha's that I like better. If you want a quick fancy dessert without a bunch of creaming, whipping, folding and messing around half the day in the kitchen - this one is a keeper! My Mom never made this but it must have been around - you can't miss it on the front of that box. I bet my American friends are going to write and say they grew up on this and wonder what kind of mothering is going on up here in Canada. Maybe we just recently imported Mr Christie - I'm pretty sure he's American.

I used the recipe from Martha Stewart's site for this instead of the instructions on the box. The main difference is that we that is Martha and I, use whipping cream, sweetened with sugar and mint flavouring to ice the cookies, where as the folks over at Mr. Christie's use cool whip. So you can get the recipe here and print it out. I didn't put the miniature chocolate chips on top like Martha did and chose to use festive confetti instead.

This is what the box of cookies looks like. Check them when you buy them that they're not cracked or broken because they are very thin. Just follow Martha's instructions - they're a little long winded with saran wrap this and parchment paper that but in a nut shell all you do is carefully ice one thin cookie at a time and pile them in stacks of 6. When you're ready you lay the stacks down on a platter and ice them together. Ice the whole thing with the whip cream, decorate the top and refrigerate for four hours or up to two days. The cookies absorb the moisture and puff up. Cut the log on the diagonal to get the fancy effect shown.

Update: December 24th

I managed to make the log into a Yule log with a little branch sticking out - I cut some of the cookies in half the closer I got to the main log and filled everything in with whipping cream. On the top of this one I put chocolate shavings. Um um good.

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