Living The Sweet Life: Gingerbread House Night

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingerbread House Night

I'm not sure what was so funny...

"The Kids" with their finished Gingerbread Houses. My boys have done them for years and years but it was Tanya's first time and she really loved it. It was cute to hear my oldest tell her how to use a pastry bag and explaining how the pressure is everything. What fun! The holiday season is officially underway!

Tanya picking all the blue stars out of the sprinkles with
tweezers. That's just like something I would do. Her plan
was a blue and silver theme. So cute.

Taylor did a roof with almonds, but we thought the cutest part
was the penguins he picked up from 7-11

We're still not sure how Spencer got that candy pole to stand on end
with a candy on top, but he did.

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