Living The Sweet Life: Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

These are really fun and easy to make. I've made them for Christmas and Valentines. Keep your eyes peeled at Michael's Craft store for the cute little Chinese food take out boxes.

All you need is chocolate melts, I use the milk chocolate ones. Some fortune cookies and some chocolate sprinkles.  Just click the read more link below this sentence to see more steps ....

Melt the chocolate slowly in a double boiler.  If it gets thick while dipping warm it up, but never ever to a boil, it should be low and won't take much for it to get runny again.

Drop the fortune cookie in the chocolate, swish it around then pull it out.  No, it won't fill up with chocolate, just trust me.  Keep going ..... I'm using a chop stick that I cut flat on each side so I can pick up the cookie in the fold.  Starbuckss flat wooden stir sticks work well,  just hold two together at the same time or glue them so they're sturdy enough.

Place the cookie on foil carefully.

Let is sit while you dip a few more cookies, then sprinkle with the sprinkles.

Keep going until they're all done.
Let them cool and they're ready to package up.

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