Living The Sweet Life: Hanky Doll Card

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hanky Doll Card

This is a sweet thank-you note that was sent to me by one of our customers. It's a hanky doll card. She was sent in a lovely handmade envelope with scalloped edges.

I always use hankies. I love them because they're old fashioned and dainty. With the flu that's going around these days I thought it might be nice to pass this along to you so you can pass some hankies along to your girlfriends.

You can print her out on card stock, cut her out and then attach the hankie of your choice and give her away. You could call her the H1N1 Hankie Girl and give her with a travel size bottle of Purell - I'm kidding!

You can see on the second picture how the hankie was folded and pinned on the back nice and flat.

You can add a little note to the back of the card.

Here she is in her heirloom undies before you add the hankie.

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