Living The Sweet Life: Grandma Irene Justice Heirloom Dress

Friday, November 13, 2009

Grandma Irene Justice Heirloom Dress

Oh to be a little girl in the 1900's...

This is Grandma Irene Justice's little heirloom dress.  I got this the same day she gave me her christening gown and Grandpa Clive's christening gown.  Little dresses like this make me want a little girl.  It's a very basic square yolk dress made out of batiste, not the greatest quality - but it's still here after all these years so it held up well.

If you click on the pictures a new window will open and you can get a good close up look at them.

On the back there are twill tape ties to close the dress and one mother of pearl button you can't quite see at the bottom of the yolk. All the lace on the dress if cotton and made in France.

The sleeve detail shows lots of lace and pretty layers. Notice that there is lace edging on the edge of the collar and sleeve, you can also see some insertion and then the flounce of Swiss edge under the collar.

I"ll be posting pictures of my Mom's christening gown collection in the next while.  I tried to take pictures of them at her place but couldn't get any good shots.  She told me to take them home (I know I was surprised too).  I couldn't get out of there fast enough with them.  In fact I think she might have forgotten that I have them.  Anyways the deal was I have to iron all of them so as I get them ironed, you will get to see them.

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