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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vintage Aprons To Sew

When I see a pattern for Vintage Aprons like this one, I think of my friend Mary Mulari. She was designing patterns for aprons way before anyone was. I think they're the perfect gift. 

I wish someone would make me some cute aprons.  They're fast, you can personalize the fabric and what cook doesn't love to have a great apron. 

Last Christmas I made my Mom a new one from the Mary Mulari Collection called the Church Ladies' Apron - she loves it because it's reversible and looks vintage.  I made another one called The Clothes Pin Apron for a friend and was able to shorten it for her because she's all of 5' tall if that.  She was so happy to have an apron that didn't hit her mid thigh.   That's whats so great about sewing, you can make things that fit with simple adjustments. 

If you haven't seen the aprons Mary designs, you have to go and see them at Mary's Productions.

These are the two I've used so far.
Both are reversible and use only 1 yard of fabric for each side.

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