Living The Sweet Life: Yoga - Down Dog

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yoga - Down Dog

Well I've been waiting all summer to get back into yoga. Between an injury and switching gyms it wasn't until now that I could get back at it. So at 6:15 this morning I kept the promise I made to myself - and it felt great. That said, my "down dog" isn't what it used to be. A few more weeks and I'll be all stretchy and zen like. I'm expecting great things this month as you know.

I love the yoga teacher, she's such a tiny little thing, she likes pink and wears those plastic crocks, in pink of course. She showed up with her pink yoga bag I made her last year. She had a sad bag from a very famous yoga clothing company that she couldn't even get her mat into. It didn't matter how tight you rolled that mat, it was not going into that bag/tube without a fight. Needless to say, being the sewing gal that I am, I saw the problem, figured out a solution (a zipper) and surprised her the next week with a beautiful pink Chinese brocade bag with a zipper! Us sewing girls can do anything we put our mind to! We are a special breed. So, another gal (Monique) in our class saw that bag, and she loved it - so I made her one too! In fact the girls in the yoga classes think I should start a little yoga bag business ... I told them I appreciated their confidence, but I have my hands full with another little business that I'm running at the moment.

This is the bag I made for Monique, she is one of those hippie birkenstock types, so I got some Indian fabric with a gold border print for hers. She loved it. I also made one for Spencer, his print was army camouflage and a big hit.

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