Living The Sweet Life: My Pint Sized Inspiration

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Pint Sized Inspiration

I've learned something really great the last few months.  My son's girl Tanya decided she wanted to workout and drop a few pounds.  So at the beginning of summer we started working out together.  With her work schedule, we would meet up once a week on Monday's and do a run and work out.  She reminds me so much of me twenty years, ok (whatever) thirty years ago.  She just learned about calories - it was so fun watching her learn to read labels ... she thought that was the greatest thing.  There was some shock of course.  She has learned alot in the calorie department - and completely changed what they eat and how she cooks.  My son loves her cooking and even gets excited about oatmeal these days.  I guess I've been doing calories for so long that it's takes something really special for me to get excited - 6 cups of cheezies for 100 calories - would excite me.

So when we first met up on Monday's and she started running, she was running for ten minutes at that point and would walk uphill for the rest of the half hour and then we would work out afterward.  This past week in honor of the Booty Bootcamp Blog, her goal for herself was to work out each day, and on three of those days do the run.  Needless to say I was her number one fan!  I think she was surprised that I did the gym Monday - Friday.  I knew she was focused and on the case when she was at the gym before me on Wednesday, what we referred to as "day three".  This is the same girl that wanted to work out at leisurely 8:00 am and now she has me up and pulling into the parking lot at 7:15 am.  I know it's not easy to get up, get to the gym and be at a job by 9:15 am.  It takes commitment and you really have to want the results -  you also have to have faith that you'll get them.

It's a fine line between pushing someone, and letting them decide how this gym thing is going to play out.  I don't think it's the easy choice.  She is so happy and feels so good starting her day like this that she brought up the subject of what time we should meet  NEXT week.  This is turning into a lifestyle and I was so proud my little protege - these things are a process and nothing changes overnight.  I know all too well, one little thing can turn you off and it takes twice the determination to start over.

What she doesn't know is that she is the one who has inspired me.  My helping her get started, helped me so much more than she will ever know.  Seeing her try so hard, made me try harder.  Seeing her grit to do that run and slowly but surely make it up to 26 minutes has been awesome. I know what that's like, I've been there done that and it's still hard every time I do it.  It made me feel good that I could run beside her and support her minute by minute.  She has completely changed how I feel about running - god knows I needed something to give there!  I was surprised when she said she was inspired by me - that never occurred to me. I have so enjoyed this ride and the true joy has been seeing her transform the last few months.  Her milestones feel like mine.  She has become so confident, and healthy and so proud of herself for what's she's accomplished.  I couldn't be happier for her.  I'm so greatful that I was the one to be around to see it.

It's not real pretty, but we get it done.

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