Living The Sweet Life: Julia Child, Beef Bourginon

Friday, October 30, 2009

Julia Child, Beef Bourginon

I couldn't find a pin up of Julia Child so I had to go with this picture of her with her dead duck. I loved the movie Julie and Julia. It was so cute. The first thing I wanted to do after watching it was move to Paris.  Since that wasn't in the cards I decided to do some cooking. I wanted to make Julia's version of Beef Bourginon.  They talked about how great it was in the movie. It would be served for family dinner on Sunday night. In the movie this recipe sounded like something that you whipped together and let cook for hours and it would be ready to serve. I started the "boof" as we call it here at about 1:00 in the afternoon and I was going strong peeling this or sauteing that until almost 5:00 pm.

I love Julia Child, she's a tell it like it is kinda gal.  If she says those mushrooms are going to sweat, then dry, then leak, then brown in ten minutes, that's exactly what's going to happen. Just for the record, I have never cut my mushrooms the way she suggested and mine have never sauteed as beautifully as her technique.  Her first book, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking is a classic and has been tested, and you can tell because her directions are accurate down to the minute. So I used the recipe right out of her book without any changes.

Yes, that is in fact bacon fat and rind - that's what you brown the meat in. It's the French that people always say are thin - right?

Saute pearl onions and a batch of mushrooms.
They're in butter and olive oil of course, that's what you do
when you're pretending to be French.

Bake that "boof" in wine for a few hours, add your pearl
onions and perfectly sauteed mushrooms and there you have it.
It was wonderful with fresh baked buns.


  1. I loved the movie too!

  2. Me too - I watched some real Julia on YouTube and she is a hoot, not slick and perfect like the chefs we have on food TV these days. That movie made me REALLY want to go to Paris.