Living The Sweet Life: Brain Cupcakes

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brain Cupcakes

Spencer is going to a Halloween party on Saturday. We are making "Brain" cupcakes for him to take to the party. They're definitely not what I gravitate towards in the cupcake department but he loved them and wants to the baking and decorating himself. I'm proud that he's got the same cupcake thing as me, just in a more manly way. We found black cupcake liners at Target in Bellingham so they're going to look awesome.

Surprisingly both of my boys are pretty good with a pastry bag since they've been doing Gingerbread Houses every Christmas since they were little. I will post actual pictures of Spencer's cupcakes when they're done but I want to share the link with you now because it's not too late for you to bake up a batch.

Picture and Idea From The One and Only Martha Stewart

I love you Martha, I don't care what anyone says!

This is how Spencer's cupcakes turned out.

He coloured the icing light pink so it would be more like brain.
That's my boy...he did an awesome job.

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