Living The Sweet Life: Those Little Donuts

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Those Little Donuts

Have you ever gone to the movies, just to eat a bag of real buttered popcorn in the dark?

Well, you know summer is almost over when you're at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver in early September and the real reason you're there is not for the rides. The highlight will be when you smell "Those Little Donuts". Everyone knows exactly what they are and where they are. What is so mesmerizing about that little doughnut machine? I can tell you what, knowing that the little floaters, will be in a bag and in your mouth in about 36 seconds that's what. 

Sharing these is pretty much out of the question.

They pop out one per second, and float in the circles with one "flip over" until they shoot out and get hand tossed  in a heavenly mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Nothing wrong with that!

Oh and good news you don't need worry about the deep frying, the cooking oil is trans fat free.  The "green" in you can rest easy knowing they are sold in little paper pouches.  The calories aren't listed on the bag so forget about that part - they're quite small. 

It's all good, just get it out of your system and load up on the sugary treats knowing you won't be able to get your hands on them again until next year.

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