Living The Sweet Life: Pacific National Exhibition

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pacific National Exhibition

We went to the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver.  I guess this was the last big event before we host the Olympics next year.  It was the first time back for me in years. Most of it was the same - the rides, the games, lots of food and exhibits.   I was really surprised it wasn't too busy on the Friday of the long weekend just before the kids headed back to school. 
Some random observations of the day. 

1. The people watching was awesome and we got to see real "Carnies"

2.  We rode the "Bay Watch" and while spinning I noticed it was
propped up with plywood - uh oh.

3.  Hand sanitizer was installed for when you got off of the rides.
I did think "swine" more than once.

4. I wondered why anyone would want to deep fry a Mars Bar?

5.  There were lots and lots and LOTS of rides that spin.
If you don't like to spin you won't like this place.

6.  We got to see the pretty midway lights at night.

7.  I got to see other people working a trade show.

8.  Those Little Donuts always taste the same.

9.  I Found a Fisher Scone truck in Canada.
I celebrated by having one.

10. We decided not to go on the ride that the vice grip flew out of.

11.  I know to run when a ride is "temporarily out of order" but
they have it spinning and water is flying out of it.

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