Living The Sweet Life: Organic Pesto and Vine Tomato Italian Cheese Dip

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Organic Pesto and Vine Tomato Italian Cheese Dip

You know when you really love something someone has made at a party - an appetizer or salad, or whatever? On the big camping trip last weekend we had appetizer night. Each family made an appetizer and we met up about 4:00 and had a happy hour.  I made Japanese chicken wings and they were a big hit. But, there was a gal, (you could tell that she was a hard core camper) that made this great and I mean great pesto, cheese, dip deal all wrapped up in tin foil.  I'm sure this dip would be even better made under controlled normal circumstances in a cute baking dish baked to perfection in a real oven. I didn't want to ask for the recipe right then and there and seem desperate.  Ok, I did ask about the recipe, more like inquired about the ingredients but I couldn't remember them it because it was happy hour.

So the morning after the trip I e-mailed and said how wonderful the dip was and asked for the recipe - this time in print with the exact ingredients and amounts. (Of course I googled Philly Dip and gave up on that dumb idea!)  Oh my god, I was doing the happy dance when I saw it in my "in box". You have to try it - you will love it!  Thank you Suzanne :)

Camper's Philly Dip In Tin Foil

In real life when you serve it or take it to a party do not mention the camping or the tin foil.  The new name will be: Organic Pesto and Vine Tomato Italian Cheese Dip

1 Pkg. Cream Cheese

¼ cup of Pesto sauce (She said she used lots)

2 Roma or other flavorful tomatoes chopped (think vine)

¼ cup of Kraft 4 cheese Italian blend (She said she used lots)


1. Layer in the above order on heavy foil (like a foil bag).

2. Place on BBQ on med-low heat for 10 minutes or until the Philly cheese is very soft.

3. Open and serve with crackers. The crackers she used were Triscuits with cracked pepper.

You can thank me later!

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