Living The Sweet Life: Peach Cobbler

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peach Cobbler

I went to my Mom's a few days ago because she had some fresh organic peaches for me.  I couldn't get over there fast enough.  When you have a box of fresh peaches, you better get cracking and do something with them.  My son Spencer found a great recipe for Peach Cobbler in the Red Gingham Better Homes and Garden cook book, so the baking was on!  In all the years I've been baking - and I do LOVE baking, I've never made a cobbler.  I think it's because I associate it with cooked fruit and that automatically makes me think of apples.  Because my parents had an apple orchard and we had alot of cooked apples - I have pretty much stayed away from cooked fruit.  All I can say is what was I thinking?  We loved this cobble, and it was gone in one night!

Inspiration in a box
For a recipe go to
Why do a two star recipe when you can do a five star recipe?

A little flour and butter, some peaches and brown sugar.
Some heating, some topping....

And 40 minutes later one great smelling "cobbler" just out of the oven.

It was wonderful, still slightly warm with home made French Vanilla ice cream.
I love making ice cream, it's really easy.
The best book for that is by two guys called Ben and Jerry!

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