Living The Sweet Life: The Heirloom Nightgown

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Heirloom Nightgown

Well here it is my lovely my new seafoam Heirloom Nightgown and I must say turned out great! Since I've last posted we've both been to Calgary and back - that's me and the nightie! The ladies in my class loved it and they almost got the whole top part of their own nightgowns done while learning in one day. The one thing I realized this past week while sewing is that you can really get alot accomplished in just a few minutes here and there. My new plan is to always have something on the go in my sewing room. I'll keep you posted as to the next project.

A tuck here and some "puffing" there...

It's so pretty!

OK, here comes the shameless plug...
You can make this Heirloom Nightgown
Pattern and Supplies at Labours of Love

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