Living The Sweet Life: The Camping Girl

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Camping Girl

In British Columbia, camping is really popular.  I haven't camped in years and years - well since I was just little.  I do have some really fond memories of family camping trips when I was a kid.  My Mom and Dad built a tent trailer together.  Mom sewed the canvas top on her Husqvarna sewing machine.  It had bug netting on the  windows and zippers and everything.  My dad built the whole bottom part with pop out sides to sleep on and storage compartments.  Can you believe that?  I know for sure that my fear of  pit toilets came from our camping trips when I was little. 

On the way to our camping destination my dad would take charge and cook dinner for the family.  Mom would make us each a "chicken pack" of a chicken breast, potato, some carrots and celery and a few dabs of butter all  wrapped up in tin foil.  My Dad took those packs and somehow hooked them to the engine of the car and cooked them while we drove.  What would make somone even think to do that?  What are the chances it would actually work?  That is a true story and that's what I call living green.  You go Dad, use that gas, drive that car and cook that dinner all at the same time - lets rough it!

I would say I'm more of a resort, condo, flushing toilet kinda girl but it is hard not to appreciate nature when you're out there.   It took three days to plan meals and figure out what to take.  It took another two days to pack and get organized. I don't even want to remember that last hour before we were out the door because it was something else!  It takes alot of planning and work to pretend your homeless for a few days.  This is not the kind of deal where you say "If we don't have it, we'll buy it - lets go".

We were the first of the family to arrive at the group campsite so we staked out our spot and got ready to move in.  Once we decided where our new home would be I whipped the guys into shape and we pitched our tents made a kitchen and got ready to live off the land for four days, three nights and eight meals. 

In the spirit of Julia Child I set up the kitchen.
And no I was not embarassed to hang the cookwear in our shelter
or say "Bon Appetit" just the way Julia did before each meal.
In fact I got the opportunity to use another of her famous quotes
while learning to cook in tandem on that Coleman (like a blow torch)
and BBQ, that would be "never appologize"!

The Breakfast Menu

Coffee from boiled water so that we won't die. 
Fresh Organic Poached Eggs
20 Grain Whole Wheat Toast and Canadian Back Bacon
Pan Fried Hashbrown Potatoes that actually came out of a can.

 Just so you know what a camping girl I am,
I slow baked that bread over night in a tin can on coals
so it would be warm just in time for breakfast.

There were no motor boats allowed on this lake.
We were virtually alone even though there was a campsite up the street.

 A shot of the lake and the reflection while kayaking about 7 am.

It was really something.  It made me wonder where
the rest of the world was and what was wrong with this place?
Are there ticks in the water or something in the pit toilets?

Me the new outdoor girl - just before I headed out for a hike!
I'm not kidding about the hike - that was fun.

But I wasn't truthful about baking that bread in a tin can on coals.

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  1. OK, you got me! I was thinking you were pretty special to bake that bread...making me feel like such the failure. :P I enjoy camping, but I confess to keeping the cooking, simple! That breakfast looks delicious, but it also looks like a mess to clean up. ;)

    Glad to see you enjoyed your camping trip, it looks inspirational!