Living The Sweet Life: I'm Tired Of Chicken

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Tired Of Chicken

I'm tired of Chicken and brown rice - I want some white carbs. A big bowl of white rice with butter and soy sauce makes me want to cry. If I could have anything right now it would be a bag of Cheezies from seven-eleven.

I don't consider myself a fitness nut, but I do try and I mean try to run three times a week. I'm not excited to run it's just part of what I do. I have to have my Ipod, my fans, my water and it's best if it's not sunny out because that makes me hot. If it is sunny I get up early and go to the gym to get a treadmill in the shade. With all of these hang ups, you can see why I don't feel like I really fit in. Thirty minutes can seem like a lifetime when you're running watching the seconds tick by. I don't find it really hard, but I do find it really boring. Something has got to give.

I feel like I'm stuck - staying fit, eating healthy (except for that bite of carrot cake last night), yoga, running and weight training - how long can I keep all this up? Am I the only one who feels burnt out and tired with my "healthy lifestyle" aka fitness regiment? I started walking then switched to running to save time, burn more calories and get out of the gym sooner because I have a business to run and a child to raise and other things to do.

So this is the beginning of a new, new phase - figuring out how to come up with a combination of things that I won't dread doing and can get back to a "normal" life that isn't 30 pounds over weight. I knew I wanted to change my lifestyle, and did - but now what? I think what I'm looking for is some "balance". Oh so cliche!

My to do list:
Figure out a fitness routine that I can live with, but most of all enjoy.
Eat healthy without feeling like I'm always counting calories. Get back into yoga - see if my new gym will hire my other gyms yoga teacher.

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