Living The Sweet Life: Sunflowers And Fall

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunflowers And Fall

When sunflowers bloom it reminds me that fall is just around the corner and the kids will soon be back at school. Each year when my boys were little they would plant sunflowers, and you never really know where they will sprout up. When my oldest now 24 was heading off to Kindergarten the whole class came up here on a field trip to chop down a sunflower and take it back to class - you would think they were chopping down Jack's beanstalk out there - it was huge. They carried that thing down the road like it was a Christmas tree, each kid holding the stock.

I read in the book The Silver Compass (highly recommended by the way) that a guy planted his whole back yard with sunflowers and the neighbours though he was odd - I thought it was a great idea, especially when I think about the moss currently taking over may back lawn. I thought this was kind of funny - in life you hear that location is everything - and apparently outside our front door, every single inch of real estate can make a difference.

Spencer's first bloomer of this year.

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