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Friday, August 28, 2009

Soul Kiss

Soul Kiss By Shay Youngblood

Another gripping summer read! I've started this book and should have it finished by the weekend to give you my final report. Another camping expedition is planned this weekend - the great outdoors and all. It's alot of work to get organized for three days of roughing it. I'll admit I briefly thought about making cupcakes for the trip but ended up buying rice crackers and pretzels (they're both so dry you can only eat so many!) That box of Betty Crocker sat on that counter all day staring me down.
The one thing I've already noticed and love about this book is how Shay uses words to describe something. It makes me want to underline phrases and combinations of words - a "no no" and something I would never do of course.
A coming-of-age novel set among the African Americans of the Deep South in the late 1960s. Seven-year-old Maria Kin Santos is left by her emotionally unstable mother in the care of two elderly spinster "aunts" she has never met before. Although Maria comes to love her aunts, she dreams of finding her father and spends years searching for him. Eventually, she learns that he is in Los Angeles and sets off to meet him there.
UPDATE: Finished the book. I would rate it a 3 out of 5. A good read but I would have liked for it to unfold more - I felt like there was more to tell - like where's her mother?

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