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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sewing Notions

I can spend a whole day in my sewing room just sorting and tidying my things. I can open my button box and spend an hour or so just going through there looking.
I need to do some sewing and wanted to tidy up a bit and got side tracked - again.

I was looking at my various vintage sewing notions I've collected over the years. I wouldn't say I collect them but there is definitely some sort of an affection for old packages especially to do with sewing. Isn't the Tintex Dye box cute?
The package from the Belding Company that contains pink ribbon shoulder straps for a bra. Today we buy mostly piping, bias tape and rick rack from Belding. Every time I buy rick rack I wonder if it will be the last time - how popular can it be? It seems like an old fashioned 60's type trim to me. Can you imagine buying a box of Mending Floss from Coats and finding little pre filled wooden spools inside.
I've always wished I could go back in time to wear the fashions of the Victorian Era. I love the corsets and dresses and undies. I would be great to go to a Mercantile and buy fine fabrics and lace - oh and the silk ribbon and trims, can you just imagine? I would be in heaven.

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