Living The Sweet Life: 14 Carat Cake Mom's Cook Books

Thursday, August 13, 2009

14 Carat Cake Mom's Cook Books

I went to my Mom's last night - to get some cherries. I ended up coming home with seven cookbooks. One to keep (a double) and six other's with my Mom's name clearly marked on the inside cover. She says I'm the only one she lends them to. Anyways, to set the scene, my Mom does everything she does BIG. I know she's been buying alot of cookbooks now that my dad is hooked on the food network. Her "collection" has moved from the bottom drawer and cupboard in the kitchen to two full size very sturdy bookcases she bought at Costco. What she calls the "overflow" of cookbooks can be found out in the hallway in an equally large bookcase. So, we looked at cookbooks, filed according to type - baking, Americas's Test Kitchen, BBQ, Casseroles, Slow Cookers, Farm Journals - the bottom shelf for big books that are too tall, a small shelf for little books. It smelled like old books, rightfully so since she gets as many from Value Village and Ebay as she does books stores and grocery stores. She told me how she needed to get rid of some but how she hated to do that - I know, I told her, you could be throwing out your next favourite recipe. My own cookbook shelves have pulled out of the wall two times in my kitchen cupboard, that I think was originally designed for small appliances. So, I have a new old cookbook called Cooking for Company by the food editors of The Farm Journal, more than 900 extra - delicious recipes. I love the old cover and inside pictures, and the old fashioned recipes. I can't wait to try some cakes out of the Country-Best Cakes section. Lemon Buttermilk Cake, 14-Carat Cake (it keeps for 3 weeks apparently) and Hawaiin Angel Cake - I can't wait!
Update August 14th: Made the 14 Carat Cake last night - it's wonderful! I didn't stack the three layers - instead, I iced all three seperately. We tested one here, and gave two away. I just got a call from the lady I gave one of the cakes to and she said it was the best carrot cake she's ever had. Oh ya, I love a five star recipe.

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