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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liquid Gold

For years my Mom and Dad had an apple orchard. It grew and it grew. I grew so big for so long that my Mom finally convinced my Dad to cut back. Now there are only a few trees.

My Dad's hobby while doing the apple trees was making honey. It started out small but over the years especially without the trees to tend to it grew and it grew. It grew so big that my Dad has been hiding hives around the neighbourhood so my Mom can't see them. They're down behind the barn, up by the gate, over at her friends and who knows where else.

My Dad loves his bees and I don't say that lightly - he LOVES looking after them and is pretty darn good at it. His bee's have survived even the hardest winter around these parts. The hives are always pretty and white and if there's a problem like a swarm - he's out there lickety split to calm them down.

You could ask him anything about bees and hives, and swarms....he knows. He knows so much about making honey that this year he made the most honey ever! My retired Dad on his 10 acres in Abbotsford, has got - are you ready? - no less than 4,000 pounds of honey in his shed. He's bone tired exhausted from getting the honey off the hives and doing what bee keepers do. I'm just amazed - did I mention the 4,000 lbs?

This is Spencer and my Dad years ago selling honey at a local summer market. This picture warms my heart. Oh and by the way, do you know anyone who wants some farm fresh honey?

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