Living The Sweet Life: Eggs Please

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eggs Please

This weekend instead of the ususal poached eggs or pancakes we had soft boiled eggs.  As we sat dunking our toast into our creamy eggs I couldn't figure out why we don't do these more.  My Mr Wonderful said the last time he had soft boiled eggs he was just a little kid.  I thought about it and I can't remember ever having them when I was little.  I remember my dad poaching us eggs in little cups with butter though!

I've managed to get quite the collection of cute antique egg holders over the years.  Antique shops weren't exactly my boy's favourite place to shop so when Spencer was little his job was to hunt for these air brushed egg cups.  That kept him busy while I could poke around for heirlooms and dishes.  My boys have had them many times over the years but it should have been more.  It goes withoug saying I do need to work on my aim when I wack off the top!  A truly simple indulgance.

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