Living The Sweet Life: That Blueberry Pie

Saturday, August 22, 2009

That Blueberry Pie

This picture deserves to be this big - because it was that good!

Well this weekend we finally had the last blueberry pie I've been saving that was in the freezer from last summer.  Spencer read on the freezer that cakes only lasted three months in there - I thought "uh oh" thinking about the pie.  Rather than toss it we risked whatever could happen to us and baked that thing up - it was so SO good - and of course we did have it with ice cream.  I'm thinking now, this post is not going to look good next to one of my rants about the gym.

We've been waiting for the "blues" as we call them to be ready this year and when they were I bought about 100 lbs.  I had to bag and freeze those babys fast because we were out the door to go camping.  I was a little disappointed because ususally I spend a whole day and make pies and then freeze them.  I have since found a recipe on Martha Stewart's web site where I can make the pie with frozen "blues".  Yup, there are just some things you can't go without!

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