Living The Sweet Life: My Victorian Bath Tub Planter

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Victorian Bath Tub Planter

I've had a wonderful old Victorian bath tub stored beside my house for about 10 years - with good intentions to one day refinish and use it in a new - old house. I'm not so sure my neighbours liked it tucked behind my retaining wall since he came over one day and asked if I was going to sell it. Over the years, my neighbour has slowly but surley made what we call a "dump" at the side of his house. It includes kids riding cars, bicycle tires, cement, milk jugs, piles of wood, an old clothes line pole, trampoline pieces, bricks - you get the idea. So in an effort to lead by example I decided to do something creative with my tub. I searched the internet and got a few good ideas and with that decided to put the tub just outside of my sewing room next to the house. I placed it so that when you go into the back yard you don't see it right away - you only see it if your out in the yard looking toward the house.

We leveled the tub on bricks with a slight slant to made sure it could drain. Then filled it with rock first, then a mixture of rock and dirt, and finally topsoil. I planted some pink flowers and yellow marigolds. My mom came up with the great idea of having two clematis' growing out over the end. I'll post a picture of them soon. All is all, I think it looks too cute! A few weeks after the tub was moved and displayed - the guy with the dump next store started to haul away his junk.

Here is a more recent picture that shows the clematis growing out the end of the tub. Mom said to pile rocks for them to cascade down because they don't like to lay on the dirt. And if that's what Mom says to do - that's what I'll do!

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